The Beginning

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I’ve set myself a new challenge and publishing it here makes it official which should, in theory, help me stick to it.

I have decided not to buy anything new for whole year!!

No, I’m not going nuts, just fed up with high pressure consumerism and whilst curbing my own shopaholic tendencies it might help save the family budget, reduce polluting the environment, and indirectly help teach my twin 4 year old boys that you don’t have to buy something new to make yourself or someone else happy.

There are exceptions to the rule, listed here:

  1. Shoes (Growing feet will need new shoes, I myself really don’t need anymore shoes).
  2. Underwear (2nd hand underwear?? Yuk!! This goes without saying).
  3. General food (I am going to be as savvy as I can and grow as much as I can but I simply cannot produce enough food to feed a family of four).
  4. Cleaning products & some cosmetics (I will be trying to make my own, bleach alternative & moisturising creams but there maybe a limit to even my abilities).
  5. My husband (I have a wonderful and supportive husband who would like to be omitted from my little experiment. Fair enough, I’d say but I’m sure I can rope him in later once he see’s the benefits).

I consider myself a crafty person who enjoys making things from nothing either by sewing or crafting out of scrap. I’m someone who loves a good bargain either from eBay or a charity shop. In fact at this point I’d better state the rules.

General rules – all items purchased must be second-hand, pre-loved, vintage, retro, re-cycled, up-cycled or re-conditioned – but NOT new!!

  • No newspapers/magazines/books
  • no new clothes
  • no new toys
  • presents must be second-hand or made
  • birthday cards must be made
  • cleaning products & cosmetics must be made (where possible)
  • Clothes must be patched up, repaired or redesigned
  • Packed lunches, no cafe’s
  • charity shops, gum tree, free cycle, car boots sales, garage sales, & eBay allowed (always second-hand).

So I may alter the rules if necessary but the idea will stay the same. it’s worth pointing out here that this is not a new idea and has been done by lots of other families all over the world, click here for more info…


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