Day 1 – homemade moisturizers

It’s actually day 2 but I made my first moisturising cream yesterday and I’m very exited about it!!


A few years ago I had taken an aromatherapy course where we mixed up our own creams and I though,  must do this now!

Basic ingredients are:

Vitamin E cream, Flaxseed oil, Lavender essential oil & Rose essential oil, mixed it up & voila!!

I smells lovely and my 4 year old said ‘you smell mummy’, oh dear I though what of?? he said ‘Lavender mummy’. Phew!! Flaxseed oil can can have a fish oil smell but obviously not in this case. Hurrarr!! A good start I’d say.

Also, yesterday, I harvest a few leaves from our cabbages patch and they were delicious 🙂

On a not so good note I did buy a badminton set from Aldi (my excuse is that hubby wanted it so, bought by proxy I’d say). I also bought 2 pairs of walking shoes for the boys, but these were allowed as shoes for growing feet are in my exceptions list.

So far…so good 🙂

(n.b., promise I won’t list everything I buy/not buy but will endeavour to post interesting money saving/crafting discoveries).


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