Day 2 & 3 – Making Yogurt & Impact.

Day 2 & 3 – Yogurts & Impact.

The Yoghurt – Even though I ommitted my husband from my project, I shouldn’t have been so hasty! He said late last night that he’s always wanted to make yoghurt (*huge sign from me as yoghurt sound really complicated and so much effort, how wrong I was!!) I would like to point out here we are lucky enough to have a 6th member of family (The Aga) and if you don’t have one you’d need a nice and warm airing cupboard or equivalent to make this work.

Ingredients are simple:

1 tbsp Natural Yoghurt

1 tbsp Dried Milk

1 pint (600ml) Sterilised milk (UHT milk in our case)

Doing is simple too:

Cream yoghurt & dried milk together with a little milk. Heat the rest of the milk in a pan. Do not let it boil as it has to be blood temperature (Boy! That caused a debate our house I can tell you!) We recommended about 34 oC. Then mix both together in a bowl, cover the bowl with a plate & tea cosy or a few tea towels to keep it warm and sit on the Aga top (or alternative warm place) over night. Then chill in the fridge in the morning. It worked !! Hurrarr!!

Thanks hubby for your ideas & encouragement xx


The Impact –

I hadn’t quite realised the impact this project would have on my day to day outlook. I see ordinary objects in a completely different light. When I’m in the supermarket the whole section of clothes, garden accessories, DVD, and general other stuff are now off limits and instead of feeling sad about it I feel quite liberated by it! I don’t have the think about that section anymore I can concentrate on buy the food, which is the whole point of being there in the first place.

Also, whilst at home looking at objects, I’m about the put in the bin, I’m questioning what can I do with it/made out of it/is there another use for it/can I recycle it, before sending it to land fill? I am, however, fully aware that I could quite easily turn into a hoarder, but the huge clutter of stuff my 4 year old twins create, acts as a constant reminder to tidy/clear out/declutter, so I think the tendencies are under control for now.

I also had to share that my good friend Eva (Equally insane about buying second-hand stuff, making stuff, being crafty and de cluttering bought me a lovely gift today (No, not new). A fabulous vintage garden tea set!! Bring on the summer garden picnics!! (Oooo, maybe I need to think of bunting, another day…)


I am very excited to share with you a lady who has a fantastic blog about crafting things out of nothing, making it pretty and keeping it simple, she’s such an inspiration, so check it out I will be unashamedly stealing many of her ideas and you’ll no doubt see me replicate some of her ideas here in my blog.

Happy creating & saving to you all xx


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