Day 4 – Parties & gifts.

Day 4 – Parties & gifts.

Buying gifts & greetings cards for people is something I use to love and was worried that making a gift or card would look cheap, tacky and generally looked at with sympathy by the recipient. So I’m very keen to keep everything high quality, pay attention to detail and personal to that person, and go with the theory if I’d like it then it’s ok.

So far, I’ve had a twins birthday party and a 25th wedding anniversary to go to & to make gifts for.

The 4 year old birthday party – old wax crayons, melted in a plastic pot (on the Aga or microwave) poured into a silicone mould (I used a star shape mould) mixing the colours as I go, teamed with a plain note pad (which I bought ages ago). Given to another set of 4 year old twins and they seemed really happy with their present.


The 25th wedding anniversary – Cardboard silver coated 25th anniversary handing cards & his & her wine charms, in silver with some beads (charms, beads & chain sourced some time ago, but you could get quite cheaply in craft shops or eBay or the likes of).

25anniversary1 25anniversary3 25anniversary2

So if you receive a gift from me  (handmade/second-hand/vintage) then please be kind but don’t feel you have to say you like it. Honest feed back is always welcome.

Any other ideas for gifts are always welcome 🙂

Happy crafting JA x


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