Day 5 – A bad day.

You know you have those days, when no matter what you do things just don’t go to plan.

Hubby & I had planned a lovely Sunday out where he had a 10k run and me, the boys & step-daughter were going to a local Theme park with trains & animals (utter bliss for my 2 boys).  I’d packed a good lunch for everyone, the weather forecast was good, everyone had a good night sleep the night before and we were set.

It rained, now were not the kind of people that shy away from the rain but it rained all morning and not just a little rain or drizzle but a torrential down pour, we we’re soaked, cold and getting grumpy (and not just the 4 year olds). There was no place to have an indoor picnic, the rides were all wet and my thoughts were on my poor hubby wading his way through a 10k in the countywide. Worst of all I had to break the news to my 4 year olds (train obsessives) that the train rides they had been promised was not going to run today.

So, you’re thinking what’s this got to do with ‘not buying anything new for a year’, well, I’m setting the scene for weakness and how I have failed already at buying something new. I was dreading the ‘no train news’ to my little ones so I said they could have something from the gift shop. Epic FAIL!

Looking on the bright side we all have fun together, we didn’t have to spend money on lunch, hubby got a new PB (person best), and I learnt an important lesson about where my weak spots are that I’ve got to have a back up plan available so I don’t give into these weaknesses.

bad day1

Please feel free to add your comments and I’d love to get your ideas & suggestions.


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