Day 19 – What have you done for me lately??

Hasn’t time flown since my last blog. I can only apologise and hope my latest ideas will make you smile & inspire you.

I’m still obsessed with my ‘DIY cleaning products’ but I have dabbled crafting things from card and fabric. I also seem to be letting situations determine what handmade things I produce (i.e., when I need to replace stuff) and I’m really happy about this – going with the flow.

So what have I done for you lately? Or rather what haven’t I done!! Where do I start?

T-shirt grocery bags, AGA top covers, mummy business cards, laundry liquid, fantastic fire lighters and dish washing up liquid. I have no idea which to talk about first (all are good) so I’m posting the pictures here as tasters and will talk about them one at a time – requests are always taken.

Pictures are:

tshirtshoppingbag3 Agatopcoversmummybusinesscardslaundryliquidpinecones  washing up liquid

T-shirt grocery bags first…

You will need:

1 old t-shirt


Sewing Machine (although you could hand sew it)

Pen & a straight edge

tshirtshoppingbag9 tshirtshoppingbag8 tshirtshoppingbag7 tshirtshoppingbag6 tshirtshoppingbag5 tshirtshoppingbag4 tshirtshoppingbag3 tshirtshoppingbag2 tshirtshoppingbag

Cut the T-Shirt as shown, sew as shown, mark where you want to cut the slits, cut where the marks are and turn inside out and hey presto a very funny shopping bag. I’ve also shown two options for storage  – tied up & rolled up and put an elastic band around it to secure it. Here is the tutorial I used at Ecouterre.

Happy Crafting xx


Day 8 – Wowzers!!

So I’ve run out of my multi purpose cleaner……Aghhh!!!

Shouldn’t have worried as this is the easiest & cheapest by far. Quick google search and my trusty new blogging favourite Happy Money Saver has the solution (literally!).

Its the easy 3 Ingredient All Purpose Spray.

all purpose cleaner

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 part water
1 part vinegar
10-15 drops essential oils of choice (mine was lavender & orange)
Pour in a Bottle (shake well & shake before each use)

It boasts it takes 30 seconds to pour in a bottle and you’re done!! I know!! Crazy!!. I was worried about using vinegar (you need the clear stuff, not the brown stuff you put on your fish & chips), as I though the whole house would smell of vinegar but I was sooo wrong!! Wowsers!! (Watching too much Inspector gadget). The essential oils truly did cancel out the vinegar smell. I’m so impressed. Now for the testing part…. I’ll let you know….

Happy crafting xx

Day 7 – Today was a GOOD clean day.

I love Suma’s geranium soap and was determined to make my own soaps and near as, ‘damn it’, the Suma geranium soap as I could.

Speaking to my lovely beauty therapist (friend) Yolande Pearson about soap and all the wonderful concoctions you could make, she mentioned putting oats in a soap as a natural but yummy scrub. (PING! light bulb moment) the oaty scrub sounded great but I remember using the milk oats produce in a bath (oats in a muslin pouch*) for my boys when they had chicken pox and how wonderfully soothing and moisturising it was.

So I experimented and here’s what happened……

geranium soap1 geranium soap2 geranium soap3 geranium soap4 geranium soap6

The clear soaps are with just pure vegetable glycerine and the opaque ones are with the oaty milk, I need guinea pigs so I want to try one please tell me here and I drop it off/send it in the post.

How did I do it ?….

I ordered some glycerine through eBay, melted it in a pan, picked some geranium petals from outside, used some geranium essential oils mixed together before putting some of the mixture into silicone moulds. I added the oaty milk (not oat milk, recipe below) into the remaining mixture and put them into the mould too. Oaty milk mixture as I call it is simply a cup of ordinary oats placed in a small strainer and soaked in a bowl of boiled water (approx. 1 pint). After 15 minutes or so a lovely, sticky white substance omits from the oats and when you pull out the strainer you can discard the oats leaving the wonderful oaty milk in the bowl. This oaty mixture was mixed with the glycerine as mentioned above.

Happy crafting xx

*recipe to come if people are interested.

Also in my eTravels I have found this site ‘Happy Money Saver’ which looks great for ideas & I love the chickens… there’s an idea.