Day 8 – Wowzers!!

So I’ve run out of my multi purpose cleaner……Aghhh!!!

Shouldn’t have worried as this is the easiest & cheapest by far. Quick google search and my trusty new blogging favourite Happy Money Saver has the solution (literally!).

Its the easy 3 Ingredient All Purpose Spray.

all purpose cleaner

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 part water
1 part vinegar
10-15 drops essential oils of choice (mine was lavender & orange)
Pour in a Bottle (shake well & shake before each use)

It boasts it takes 30 seconds to pour in a bottle and you’re done!! I know!! Crazy!!. I was worried about using vinegar (you need the clear stuff, not the brown stuff you put on your fish & chips), as I though the whole house would smell of vinegar but I was sooo wrong!! Wowsers!! (Watching too much Inspector gadget). The essential oils truly did cancel out the vinegar smell. I’m so impressed. Now for the testing part…. I’ll let you know….

Happy crafting xx


One thought on “Day 8 – Wowzers!!

  1. Well I used it around the sink tonight & Joe (Uber sensitive smell) didn’t say it smelt of vinegar coming in the house. Pretty good at cleaning, its not bleach but not half bad. Also worth pointing out I can now return my multi purpose cleaner to under the sink instead of on show on my kitchen window sill as it’s not toxic. If the boys picked it up and drank it the worst that could happen is it might make them vomit, not burn their oesophagus as some cleaning products could do.

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