Day 19 – What have you done for me lately??

Hasn’t time flown since my last blog. I can only apologise and hope my latest ideas will make you smile & inspire you.

I’m still obsessed with my ‘DIY cleaning products’ but I have dabbled crafting things from card and fabric. I also seem to be letting situations determine what handmade things I produce (i.e., when I need to replace stuff) and I’m really happy about this – going with the flow.

So what have I done for you lately? Or rather what haven’t I done!! Where do I start?

T-shirt grocery bags, AGA top covers, mummy business cards, laundry liquid, fantastic fire lighters and dish washing up liquid. I have no idea which to talk about first (all are good) so I’m posting the pictures here as tasters and will talk about them one at a time – requests are always taken.

Pictures are:

tshirtshoppingbag3 Agatopcoversmummybusinesscardslaundryliquidpinecones  washing up liquid

T-shirt grocery bags first…

You will need:

1 old t-shirt


Sewing Machine (although you could hand sew it)

Pen & a straight edge

tshirtshoppingbag9 tshirtshoppingbag8 tshirtshoppingbag7 tshirtshoppingbag6 tshirtshoppingbag5 tshirtshoppingbag4 tshirtshoppingbag3 tshirtshoppingbag2 tshirtshoppingbag

Cut the T-Shirt as shown, sew as shown, mark where you want to cut the slits, cut where the marks are and turn inside out and hey presto a very funny shopping bag. I’ve also shown two options for storage  – tied up & rolled up and put an elastic band around it to secure it. Here is the tutorial I used at Ecouterre.

Happy Crafting xx


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